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Journey 2 Manhood

Loyal Sons began its initiative by working with young men. The primary purpose was to train the youth in the ways of the Lord. Journey 2 Manhood consists of mentorship, a heavy emphasis on brotherhood, a thought-provoking curriculum, and physical training that develops mental toughness and competence.

From Boys 2 Men

Journey 2 Manhood focuses on three aspects: Mentorship, Curriculum, and Exposure.


Mentorship involves participants meeting regularly for holistic growth on how to manage their past, assist with their present, and prepare for their future through activities, discussions, and physical training sessions with mentors.


Curriculum includes weekly lessons that offer informal opportunities for reflection on the intellectual and social climate with guest speakers offering inspiring perspectives on their professional and life experiences, along with training activities that challenge participants physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Exposure includes the opportunity for participants to travel, engage in events, visit historical cities, and experience the world, developing an explorative mindset that embraces what the world has to offer.

David gave instructions to Solomon, his son, saying,  
“I am going the way of all the earth [as dust to dust]. Be strong and prove yourself a man and keep the charge of the Lord your God"

Scholar Warriors

Journey to Manhood serves as a rite of passage for our young men to become men and our sons to become the begotten sons of the Heavenly Father. We plan to progress the adventure, enhance the experiences and embrace adversity. Loyal Sons is committed to developing scholar warriors, young men who value knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, but also are assertive and intentional protectors. We plan to expand our reach by growing and engaging more young men. Future activities will allow us to build on the foundation that has already been laid.

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