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Meet The Team

Our team at Loyal Sons is dedicated to making a positive impact in our community. We are a diverse group of individuals with a passion for progressive development. Each member brings unique skills, experience, and perspective to our organization, enabling us to achieve our goals and make a difference.

Who We Are

The Leading Youth Organization Since 2019

 Founded by David Grimes in 2019, Loyal Sons is a 501c3 faith based organization committed to serving the world by doing the Father's Will.

Our Vision

Building The Kingdom

Our collective vision is to do the Father's will by building His Kingdom. We desire to impact communities through acceptance, enrichment, empowerment, and the establishment of true identity and purpose. The collective vision is one of unity with intentionality, assertiveness, and boldness. The ancient text says the kingdom does not come by observation. Our intention is to continue to align ourselves with the will of The Father by cultivating kingdom mindsets, thus bringing forth the kingdom lifestyle.

Join Our Mission!

Global Perspective

We believe that exposure is a major tool to impact The Kingdom. Our mission is to provide all of our programs with as many opportunities, perspectives, and experiences as possible. We want to provide all of our participants with a global experience to learn, serve, and add to the beauty of the world. We believe that exposure will have a major impact not only on the participants in our programs but on the people whom we serve.

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