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Loyal Sons' fellowship is an in-depth free-flowing dialogue that engages adults from diverse backgrounds. Every session includes relevant and applicable lessons that connect participants in the discussion of biblical teachings. These discussions focus on current topics and societal
challenges with an emphasis on implementing solutions.

The Fellowship Experience

Fellowship is a trusted environment built for nurturing, growth, and development. Our discussions include a variety of topics such as mental and physical health, morality, legality, science, culture, finance, history, and prophecy. Our lessons are designed to raise consciousness and equip participants to further enhance their understanding and skill. A heightened awareness allows for navigation of the current world and the ability to build the one to come.

The shared discussions not only foster a safe space but also challenge ideas and perspectives in a healthy manner. This allows the mind to remain malleable and develop critical thinking skills.

Fellowship provides a multicultural perspective. Participants join from all over the world from places that include the United States, Zimbabwe, Kenya, England, Panama, and Nigeria.  It engages participants virtually and in person.  In-person sessions have been held globally in places such as Israel, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and all over the United States. The diversity and reach of the discussions allows it to be a true fellowship.

Our Fellowship Says

Fellowship is about reading and discussing biblical teachings, but it is also about how to apply them to everyday life. Coach David Grimes’s leadershiphas motivated my journey toward becoming the man I was always born to be. Fellowship is about brotherhood, leadership, conversation, and application.

Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah - Cleveland Browns

"When David had finished speaking, the soul of Jonathan was bonded to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as himself... Then Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as himself."
1 Samuel 18

Created for Community Fashioned for Fellowship Formed for Family

Fellowship is the catalyst for the creation of Loyal Sons. It is here where brothers bonded standing together on the Word of God. It is here where the covenant was made to fight for our Father's will. It is here where the commitment was made to set the captives free. Fellowship classes are designed to mentally explore and expand on the imaginable and unimaginable. Our goal is to enrich the experience of our brothers and sisters and continue to empower others across the globe. This is not limited to a class setting but live in real-time with enhanced experiences.

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