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The Influencers Program exists to empower young people by cultivating and developing each individual student’s potential and influence. We desire to initiate a learning and growth mindset in each student by using different methods of teaching and learning. We walk alongside students to develop critical thinking and communication skills and create practical disciplines.

Influencing Through Exposure:

The Influencers Program aims to equip young people by exposing them to various opportunities, perspectives, and experiences.


The program believes that exposure is a crucial tool in developing young influencers. Exposure experiences can have a major impact on how students view and influence the world around them. The goal of the program is to provide students with interactive experiences through education, exposure, and entrepreneurship.


The mission of the program is to continue to expose youth through opportunities, perspectives, and experiences. The program aims to open up the eyes, minds, and hearts of each participant by impacting their thoughts, conversations, and actions.

From Our Influencers

Doing Homework
Exposure trips are beneficial because they allow you to see and learn about new things and people. These trips provide an opportunity to gain a better understanding of other cultures and to see different things from around the world. Additionally, they offer the chance to have fun and meet new people. I am particularly excited for the upcoming cooking class, as I am a passionate cook and eager to learn more about the craft.

Laurianna - 8th Grade

A person that is well travelled knows many things; and he that has many experiences will declare wisdom.

Influence The World

This year, The Influencers Program had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with the South Bend Empowerment Zone to enhance the learning experience of its students.


In July, we took a group of 25 students on a trip to Detroit, Michigan, where they had the chance to explore and learn about culinary art, history, and S.T.E.M experiences. The trip was a great success, we visited The Kitchen by Cooking with Que, The Charles H. Wright African American Museum, and IFLY Detroit.

We are grateful to SBEZ, GEAR UP South Bend and our other partners for helping make this happen, and we look forward to continuing our mission to influence the world.

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